Monday, June 16, 2008

Disney World

Princess Belle
Princess Cinderella
Roller Costers with Grandpa

Animal Kingdom and MGM

The playhouse disney show was taylah's favorite thing. Maddie and tayters were dancing and singing along the whole time.

They had a high school musical parade and show. She loved all the dancing and singing.
Maddie wanted to match taylah they looked so cute.
My favorite ride the safari had lots of African animals that i have never seen before. tayters loved it too she sat with grandma the whole time.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kennedy Space Center

Sunday we meet up with a friend of the family. We went to her singles ward were of course taylah was the only little child and everyone could hear her. I thought it was kinda funny. Then we went to the Kennedy space center, Emo came along which was nice. She was a big help all week with taylah since my Hala was home working.

Maddie and taytes had so much fun playing in the big play ground with aunt stephanie

Orlando Florida

Taylah and i met my family in Florida last week. It was so nice i hadn't seen my family for almost two months. Tay was so excited to see everyone especially her cousin Maddie.
The night we arrived we went to Down Town Disney and celebrated my sister in law Crystals Birthday. We eat at the house of Blues, it was so fun even though the food wasn't all that great.

Happy Birthday Chris