Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tokyo, Japan

Called to Serve
Elder Christian Stewart to the Tokyo Japan Mission.
We dropped christian off at the MTC on Wednesday (new years eve).
It was so hard for me I miss him so much already I have become so close to him i feel like his second mom. I am so proud of him he will be a great missionary and leader. He will be in the Mtc in Provo for three months learning Japanese (scary) Can't wait to talk to him on March 17Th when he flys out to JPan.
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Taylah and the Boys...

We met up at the gateway in slc with our friends (taylah's uncles) Uncle Markie, Uncle Craigie, and uncle jojo. We went and saw santa, then i did a little shopping while the boys took taylah to the skybox to play. Then we went to dinner at iggys because there was a game on. After dinner we went to temple square it was tayters first time to go see the lights. It was so cold and crowded but she loved going and loved all the attention she got from the boys. We had so much fun can't wait to do it again. thanks guys we love you so much.
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Way behind...

it's christmas....
(last month)

We have been so busy i haven't had a chance to do any blogging.
so here are some pics of things we did.
taylah's cousin maddie had a christmas choir concert.
we went and stayed at the Zermott in midway (stewart fam tradition) where we went swimming, the girls built a ginger bread house with grandma. We opened up our christmas eve presents that night (pajamas).
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Christmas Day

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