Saturday, December 20, 2008

SaNta BabY...

This Christmas season has been so fun for me. Tay is old enough this year to really get the concept of Santa. She has been helping me wrap presents and go shopping. We have already seen Santa three times and we'll be going again with Hala next week. I wish you all a merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

thanksgiving weekend

First off i just want to say how thankful i am for my family. I have a very supportive and patient husband how I love. He's also such a good dad. I have the cutest little girl who is so funny and is getting too old too fast! I have such great and supportive parents who do so much for me. My sisters Danielle who has become my number 1 babysitter. Kaitlin who is blessing us by serving a mission which she loves. Stephanie has become a better friend then i could have imagined. I love My brother and his wife Crystal and both girls Maddie and sweet baby livi. Christian is almost always fun and i'm gonna miss him so much when he leave to go on his mission in less than a month. Thanks for everything you guys do for my i couldn't have picked a better family.
thanksgiving night half my family (+ christians good friend Wei) drove down to st.George for the weekend. We mostly just chilled and relaxed it was so nice. On Saturday we went to FIESTA FUN and did mini golf and bumper boats.

a DATE with danielly

Aunt Danielle took taylah up to see Disney on Ice.
She went with Maddie and her mom Mary. I was suppose to go but was sick with my kidney stones. So they went without me, they had so much fun. taylah has been into Disney princess anything, lion king and Hercules the movies she wants to watch them everyday.
Thanks again Danielle
Maddie, and Mary.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So I'm Finale going PRIVATE some weirdo commented on my page and i don't like that. If you just want to leave your email address on my comment board that would be great. Even if you have never left a comment and just check out my blog from time to time. I know i do that every once in a while. Thanks !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

Stephanie turned 16 on November 2nd. We went up the fashion place mall and went shopping and out to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory. I love you steph and happy belated bday.

Sorry But I have to Brag

5A State Champs.
He is number 13

After THS football game.

My little BIG brother Christian who has been going to BYU this year. He is a red shirt Freshman quarter back. Last year in High School his baseball team took state. He graduated with honors and broke a few state records as Quarter back. I am so proud of him he just got his mission call to serve in Tokyo Japan. How cool he leaves on the 31st of December. I am so proud and sad at the same time, he's mine and Hala's little buddy and we always have so much fun with him.

BetTEr LaTE thAn NeVEr...

My little Princerella its a Taylah word. She has put Cinderella and princess together making Princerella. Taylah went trick or treating at my parents. She went with my dad and sister Danielle mostly. She loved it and had so much fun.
We also carved pumpkins at my parents tay hated the goo and seeds. I have been so bad a posting lately. If its not one thing it's another like Taylah being sick to Hala having gout and me having kidney stones ( that still haven't passed). So I am posting a few things today.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My mom and sister danielle took Tay to the pumpkin patch this week while i was at work. She had so much fun seeing all the pumpkins and playing on the playground. Thanks again mom and Danielle for taking Tayters.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FUn PicTUreS...

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getting INTO trouble

Taylah got into my mom's flour
bin and was playing around.
She got flour every where,
but at least she had fun while doing it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

little Livy...

Olivia Diane Stewart
Born oct. 2 2008
7.5 lbs and 21 inch

little livy is so beautiful. we went to go visit little livy and the hospital. Tay was getting jelouse it was so funny.


When we got back to utah we took tayters camping up at hope park. She had so much fun sitting by the fire and eatting s'mores.


Our last trip to the city was spent shopping at my favorite store H&M. I always find the best stuff for taylah. Then we went to China town to go buy purses and tshirts. the pics are of us on the train ride from nj to ny. Taylah loves stickers as you can tell.

Then we went and got what has become one of my favorite indulgent pinkberry. My signature yogurt is medium original with strawberry's and fruity pebbles.
Our last trip to new york city was spent shopping

wet pants...

we went to chuckee cheeses (tay's fav. place) for vili's birhtday. Tay had so much fun that she forgot about going to the bathroom and she peed her pants.

go JETS go ...

My brother in law plays defensive tackle for the jets. So while we were in new jersey we went to two pre season gemes. they were so much fun thanks again kick, sione and vili.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

3 years and counting...

I Love you Hala thanks for the best 3 years of my life.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

we flew home (utah) for a week and stayed up in park city with my family. We had so much fun while we were out there taylah turned two so we had a birthday for her. Thanks to all my family and hala's family for coming and your help. Hala's sister Peae brought taylah two birthday cakes.

Thursday, July 31, 2008