Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taylah + Dr. Spencer

Taylah had her 1.5 year check up today. She remembered getting her shots here last month so she keep crying and screaming. Once she realized no shots were involved she calmed down and was fine. So I let her have a sucker when we were done.
Taylah is such a big girl
she is 19 months
34.5 "
28.2 pounds
48.8 cm for her big head.


CollinLoni&Cy said...

That girl is SO CUTE!! Hey, I recognize that carpet! hehe.. We see Dr. Spencer too! HE is the BEST!

Karrissa said...

She is so dang cute!!

Erin said...

she is so cute! i hear you on the shots though...every time i even pull into the parking lot at the dr's office kaleb says, "i don't wanna shot mom!" he won't go in unless i promise no shots! one day i am going to have to lie to him about it.

The Kaufusi Family said...

I like her peace sign