Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Jersey

This is mostly for my mom and sisters... Tay watching tv her first morning in new jersey
the kitchen
family room pretty boring

another view of the kitchen


Erin said...

Looks like you are getting set up well out there. We wish you guys the best. We still owe you dinner. Go Jazz

Corey & Erin

barefoot gypsy girl said...


Jon and Tasha fam said...

Wow Jon told me it was nice:) It looks so nice. How are you guys likin' it out there? Well take care of Jon for me unitl we get there haha I know he moved in next door:) He called me last night and said Hala and Jen told me I could come over and eat their food!! I was laughing. I bet you cant wait until you BFF gests out there in a couple weeks haha

Anonymous said...

Hola y como estas Hermano Hala!! Hi Jen & Taylay!! I'm glad to see that you guys are comfortable out there!! The place looks great!..~although it can use a little bit of 'TaiPan' up in there!!

Well, just finished browsing through your family pictures and thought of how much I miss you guys!! Hope you are all well and do know that we are praying for your little familia.

Hala do your best and always say your Prayers before you start and finish the day!!..that's my only 'sisterly advice'...Luv u much...and Jen, thanks for loving my little brother 'unconditionally'!! Kisses and hugs to little 'Tater~Tots'!!...from the Rosales Bunch...